Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let your ears flap in the wind!

While driving along Manatee Avenue with my window open enjoying the brisk breeze, I was passed by a car where the passenger was also taking in the fresh air.

The passenger’s long hairy ears were airborne as it poked its head out of the car’s sunroof. This was one happy dog.

With the wind in its face and the open road ahead, this dog was sitting in doggie heaven. No doubt a notch or two above hanging out the side window like I was doing.

A quick shot with the camera was about all I could do as the car and wind-blown K-9 disappeared in a long line of traffic heading west on the busy street.

Dogs are man’s best friend, so let your best friend’s ears and tongue flap in the wind. If you do not have a sunroof in your car, get one, your dog will thank you.

-Grant Jefferies

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  1. Hy Grant.
    I was going through some pictures at google, when I ran into yours... which had me become a reader of this blog.
    By the way... Loved this pic!
    I live in São Paulo (Brazil) and I'm going to New York by electric bike next year. I opened a page at Facebook for this project (which is about sustainability in urban mobility), and I post content everyday.
    Hope you could take a look and become a fan too!
    As I need to use some pictures for the posts I produce every day, I'd like to know if you could let me use some of yours, as there are some that match exactly with the matters I post.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Best Regards.
    Alex Stein