Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fountain of Fun

Floating in the air was the unmistakable scent of meat sizzling on hot grills.

Sounds of music blended in with the drone of hundreds of finger-licken' barbeque enthusiasts attending the fifth annual BBQ Cook-Off on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch.

While others were captivated by the cuisine, 2 year-old Lennox Briant was drawn to something different; the water fountain on Main Street. As columns of bubbling water burst into the air Lennox erupted in smiles and laughter. In a short time the foamy water receded, and so did the laughter.

The smile turned into a look of inquisitive wonder as the dancing liquid disappeared beneath the surface. In moments the flow of water and laughter again burst forth bringing another smile to the young girl's face.

The cycle was repeated over and over until the irresistible lure of the barbeque drew her dad, and Lennox, into the nearby crowd.
 -Grant Jefferies

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