Monday, February 10, 2014

Pawprints on hearts will never fade away

Just off the heavy traveled highway of U.S. 41, a two-lane road cuts through Rubonia, a small town that can be missed in a blink of an eye.

There, a small quiet plot of land is filled with small monuments marking the burial sites of  loving big hearts. Not of aunts or uncles, or even grandfathers or mothers, but of four-legged family members. Their small bodies may be laid to rest, but their memories are still alive.

Companions Memorial Park and Pet Cemetery, 7777 Bayshore Road, offers pet owners a palate to express their final good-byes. Some simple, like Misty's, pictured above, “A Loving Friend,” to Fish Glass's “She wiggled her tail with happiness.” Others include “Good Boy Rusty,” “Hey Bubba we love you,” and “See you at Rainbow Bridge.”

Too many to mention here, but each expresses the emptiness left behind with the loss of a loved pet. A tribute to two small dogs, Kiyu and Miko, may say it all, so to Venny, Gismo, Rufus, Jasper, Sugar Bear, Winky Dinky, Sam I Am, and the countless others, “You left footprints on my heart that will never fade away.”

-Grant Jefferies

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