Monday, July 8, 2013

Reasons to be proud on the Fourth of July.

Everywhere you looked along the Bradenton Riverwalk this Fourth of July, people seemed to be enjoying the display of fireworks launching over the Manatee river. 

Thousands lined the nooks and crannies throughout the park: parents with kids in tow, friends gathered with friends, and even a fair share of house pets including dozens of tail-wagging dogs and at least two iguanas. 

And though it was certainly a fabulous display of explosions and light, it was also a breathtaking display of civic pride and participation. 

Here were people from all walks of life, gathered together in celebration.

The Riverwalk is just one example of civic enhancements happening on both sides of the river.  And if last Thursday was any indication, it's a good time to live in Manatee County.

~ Paul Videla

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