Monday, July 15, 2013

Why fly when you can walk

It is always nice to have a companion along to share a nice walk in one of our beautiful preserves. But on this warm sunny day I was alone shooting an assignment at Emerson Point Preserve.

As the narrow dirt trail meandered through the trees, a lone gull appeared before me. My new feathered friend walked only several feet in front of me for quite a while until stopping to let me pass.

After completing my assignment I returned by the same trail only to find my trusting trail guide waiting where I left him. So as before, his little feet began to churn and off we went in the other direction. After a while he let me pass.

I thanked him for his company and proceeded down the rest of the trail. I do not know why the gull did not take flight or if the gull really cared if I was there or not, but for me it was a bright moment in a long day.

After all, why fly when you can walk.

Grant Jefferies-

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