Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Picture that Almost Blew Away

The panorama before me was quickly changing as a large mass of black floated effortlessly overhead.

The leading edge of the approaching thunderstorm seemed to be moving faster than I was driving as I crossed the Manatee River into Palmetto.

The wall of dark forms came to life as it flowed westerly, dwarfing the Manatee County skyline. Now it seemed to be moving even faster as I quickly targeted a parking space and a location to shoot from.

The wind and I both picked up our pace as we raced toward the docks of Regatta Pointe Marina. Within minutes, and several frames of the camera, the rolling mass drifted past bearing down on Tampa Bay.

A gray defused mist of heavy rain was now on the eastern horizon ready to take its place, my signal to move on.

Grant Jefferies-

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